Hi y’all!

Listen, we all have journeys to take, ideas to bring to life and lessons to learn. And we all have stories to tell. What I’ve learned is that the stories will be told – whether we want to share them or not. So how can you connect your story to your power? How can you be a better story? By getting real about your story. So, here’s mine…

Davida E. Arnold. Childhood
Davida E. Arnold. Straight shooter since day 1.

I grew up in West Philly, eldest of five. Rich in education, not in cash, my parents instilled in me these five values. They are my true-north, and direct my story.

1. Know who you are.

2. Act accordingly

3. Keep learning

4. Back off, but never down on something that matters.

5. Give thanks and give back.

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Davida E. Arnold. Memelife

Yoga, dancing, cooking, eating, reading, singing (off-key counts!), running, meditation, swimming, horseback riding, and life are go-to’s for my daily “yessness.” You know, flow.

Davida E. Arnold. Run
Davida E. Arnold. Run

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Looking for a speaker or presenter speaks across topics, ages, careers, stations of life and connects to the heart of the ask? Book me.

Davida E. Arnold. Speaker2
Davida E. Arnold. Speaker. Brand Entrepreneurs. Global Bootcamp
Davida E. Arnold. Speaker. Influencer.
Davida E. Arnold. Speaker. Influencer.


Davida E. Arnold. Hi y'all!
Davida E. Arnold

If any part of my journey resonates with you, that’s what’s up. If it doesn’t, the good thing is there’s a whole world of amazing people to meet besides me. Either way, it’s been real!