Vision Social POHDEE! New Moon Vision Board Event Feb 26!


Vision Social Salons. Vision boards for game changers.

Soooo, what in the world is a vision board? It’s a visual story of your goals, your life narrative, your bespoke” yesss” list accountability action list!

Girl Game Changer is thrilled to present February’s Vision Social- a vision board making salon to help folks get out of their head and into themselves.

Partners: Urban Asanas, Burnhard Juice, Seeds of Imani and Urban Girl Mag will be bringing in all the levels of  yesss! Thanks team for a  great event space, options for a 4 -Day Organic Juice Detox, Shea Butter Hair and Body Care products and media coverage. You get some of the best swag options out loves!

Snacks & Sips? YESSS! We need fuel to get our bigger picture!

Get your ticket here today. This POHDEE will be LIT. No more excuses, see your best life and make it happen loves!









When Entrepreneurs Run Down on Opportunity…

Hi y’all, it’s Davida!

Hope you had a great weekend, and that you reflected on the value of voice, story and community this week.  Me?  I did, and also tried something new. Smiling before 6 am. Not so much.

Davida E. Arnold. Girl Game Changer. Columbia 2
Davida E. Arnold. Girl Game Changer. Columbia University 2017

But, I did smile when the Melissa, at interviewed me for a feature about my entrepreneurial story. Which involves faith, grit and planning. And grit, did I say that? Maybe something in it will resonate with you. If so, that’s what’s up.

Click here. 

Be evolutionary.

Trust your light,






Hi y’all, it’s Davida!

Flow is today’s theme. Listen, staying in flow allows for all good things to work on your behalf. Staying rigid? Inflexible? Will only break you loves. Breathe. Love. Live. Laugh. Hang out new people. Hang out with old people – they rock! Hang with kids – they rock too! Pet a dog. A plant. Cook. Bake, Paint. Sing in the shower.  Move something!

Just flow loves. Cause yess!