I'm invested in helping #mompreneurs of color evolve and level-up. 


Making Mommy Moves

Philly raised and Brooklyn built, Davida E. Arnold is a high EQ storyteller with over 10 years of experience focused on integrating media, content, communications, and leadership who excels in building positive relationships between brands and culture for impact in both the not-for-profit and for profit sectors.  

A dynamic speaker,  she connects to intergenerational change-makers at Newfronts (the digital media pitch season for brands), universities from Columbia to LIM, high schools, start-up panels, the world’s largest boot-camps for entrepreneurs and more. After working in the women’s and lifestyle marketing and advertising space for innovative companies for over a decade, she founded Girl Game Changer™, a NYC M/WBE (Minority/ Women Business Enterprise) certified   consultancy in 2016. #GGC is tasked with helping #NextGen female changemakers use strategic storytelling to level-up their career networks by connecting to invested decision makers.

But, her commitment to helping #mompreneurs of color evolve and level-up is a story forged of grit and grace. Her narrative shifted several times, like all of ours. She would have to edit her story, honing in on a bigger truth. She had been a wife, a restaurateur, a strategist, a content producer. She was a mom, a business woman who was also an entrepreneur, a sister who was also an aunt, a strategist who was also a creative. But into whom did she need to evolve?

Life, in its infinite wisdom, has seasons. And for Davida, there was a stripping season. Her faith was tested. Her world was rocked. Her beliefs were challenged. Initially - like so many of us - she resisted. She clung to who she had been, it was all she knew. But as the tests came, (and believe you me, they came fast and furious, slow and easy), she finally got the message loud and clear. “Surrender. Trust the process. You have to eat grit to live with grace.”  

The process, that real-life fire-walk, stoked her intuition. She began to be increasingly aware of the synchronicity, the art of the noise that had become her life. She created silence in the chaos, to trust her gut without question, stood still in the storm. In the quiet eye-of-the-storm, she heard answers from a long-neglected pal – her fearless inner-girl, her original “ride and love.” A bubble-gum smacking goal-getter with a knack for solving problems, fixing dirt-bikes,  and spitting bars, her inner-girl told her straight-up. “This is not about you, D. This is about how you can serve. This is about the Universe.” Armed with these messages, this new story, Davida embraced being a business alchemist. She began to harness intuition, quant and experiences to help  #mompreneurs of color thrive in the face of the unique challenges they faced.

“The wildest thing? I would have never been on this path if I hadn't wandered into the woods, gotten turned all the around, eaten mud and then been forced to chart my own way out. And I only did that with the help of a truly loving, no BS Universe. Facts. And for so many #mompreneurs of color,  that trek in the woods, that “WHAT IS GOING ON HERE” season? is their make or break point. The stats speak for themselves. 1 in 3 #mompreneurs are of color, we are the fastest growing group, but make the least revenue though our spend tops $1T. That’s just, not acceptable. It just is not. So, if I can be of use to the Universe by strategically leveraging my experiences, my intuition, my work to help #mompreneurs of color make it more and break it less, bet. As Drake says “God’s Plan,” says Davida. 

And that’s #makingmommymoves.

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The Work


Serving storytellers in lifestyle industries for 10+ years. 

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Next Gen

Founder - Girl Game Changer - a NYC M/WBE certified consultancy helping #NextGen female changemakers use strategic storytelling to level-up their career networks by connecting to invested decision makers.


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