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How Tough Is Your Love?


Philly raised and Brooklyn built speaker Davida E. Arnold’s story speaks to the value of honoring self-love. This mother of two scholar-athlete boys is an award-winning  Strategist and Storyteller, who excels in building positive relationships between brands and culture for impact in both the not-for-profit and for profit sectors.  After working in the women’s and lifestyle marketing and advertising space for innovative companies for over a decade, she created, Girl Game Changer™, a NYC M/WBE (Minority/ Women Business Enterprise) certified strategy agency serving storytellers in lifestyle industries. But, her commitment to connecting folks with the power of self-love was forged by God’s will to push her to honor her purpose: advocating for her inner-girl, and helping others advocate for their inner-kid, so they can evolve into who they came here to be. 

“FAM, HOW TOUGH IS YOUR LOVE?” This simple question opens many of Davida’s speeches. Speaking to intergenerational change-makers at Newfronts (the digital media pitch season for brands), universities from Columbia to LIM, high schools, start-up panels, the world’s largest boot-camps for entrepreneurs and more, Davida gets to the heart of the matter.  “Self-love is a daily discipline that is tough enough, resilient enough that given any challenge, you can evolve to BE THE LOVE, instead of devolving into indifference, given the right mindset and tools” says Davida.

In fact, Davida’s evolution is a game changer. Driven to the brink of bankruptcy after divorce, multiple lay-offs and severe business challenges rocked her to the core, she wearily asked herself some very hard questions. She got answers from a long-neglected pal – her fearless inner-girl, the original “ride and love”. Her inner-girl reminded her that they had always pushed through to thrive, no matter what. 

“Girl, remember when we battled the neighborhood kids for laughing at you and four hungry siblings when you all stood in the free cheese and powdered milk lines at Father Divine church in Philly?” “Your mom home-schooled you until 9th grade. You were getting into all kinds of things at Belmont, the jacked-up neighborhood “school-to-prison-pipeline-school.” No wonder you’re a seeker!” “Sis. You were violently sexually assaulted at 13, and still went on to thrive at one of the top colleges in the country, co-found three restaurants and raise two high EQ sons. You. Did. That. With. God. First.” 

True. And today, Davida’s approach-honest, bold, compassionate, and humorous, “reminds” people of someone they know, an Auntie, a neighbor, a cousin. So, her self-love presentations lead with the familiar, the accessible. Audiences connect with her because she’s “that” neighbor. And together, we all can build a “neighborhood” where we can BE THE LOVE that our heart, family, community and world need.

Fam, when we choose to BE THE LOVE, we add infinite value to not only our lives, but to the lives of those impacted by our love. When we serve our inner-child with tools offering affirmation, honor, respect, and discipline, we harness joy.

 So, “Fam, How Tough is Your Love?” Tougher than you think, ask your inner-kid!

Book Davida for your next workshop, panel, or event and BE THE LOVE. 

Your inner-kid can’t wait to meet her!

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