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Founder & Energy Manager, Good Energy Management

Are you  a goal-getter? Do you need help evolving your brand storytelling? Good Energy Management is a female founded and run agile can-do squad.  We are skilled at helping folks carve their own path so they can stay on-purpose, even when no one else sees the route. Call us the GPS for dreamers that are doers. 

Before founding Good Energy Management, Davida served as Senior Director Content & Social Innovation at  Color Of Change, the nation's leading online social justice not-for-profit. There, she  analyzed audience preferences while designing and implementing digital media strategies, setting specific intentions to meet growth objectives, while managing cross-departmental communications, client partnerships, and vendor teams to maintain rapid response and growth phases. 

Under her tenure,  brand SOV (Share of Voice) increased by 40% through results-driven digital media planning, campaigns and agile project management. In addition, she successfully increased a key social media platform by over 1000% by creating a multi-step accountability process, optimizing content and refining consumer mapping. 

Prior to that , she lead content, social and communications strategies at SheMedia , Meredith Video Studios, MTV  and KB Network News leveraging strong storytelling, data and relationships to increase ROI and brand  engagement,  closing new business as a result. 

Passionate about bringing stories to life in a truly inclusive way, she co-founded three restaurants before moving back into communications. A good story is a good story!


A graduate of Connecticut College, she also holds a Digital Marketing Strategy and Execution certification from New York University's School of Continuing and Professional Studies. 

But most importantly, she is the mother of two dope scholar-athletes, a Philly native and a sun-loving friend with global experience and joy-making skills.

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Women Everywhere Believe, #Herlegacygala, Davida E. Arnold, #DavidaTheBounceBackBoss

Women Everywhere Believe, #Herlegacygala, Davida E. Arnold, #DavidaTheBounceBackBoss


To Good works

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Serving storytellers in lifestyle industries for 10+ years. 



Columbia University, Women Everywhere Believe, Girl Game Changer Workshop, Davida E. Arnold

Founder - Girl Game Changer - a NYC M/WBE certified consultancy helping NextGen #blackgirlmagic students use self-love to make career goals that make sense so they can live their best lives with integrity. 


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