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If so, cool. If not, that’s my gift. I teach brands how to use tools that market the special je ne sais quoi that is uniquely theirs by listening to their digital communities heart, harnessing its energy and making shit happen. In other words,  I help your brands be as dope online as you are offline. Periodttt

Currently, I count New York Times best-selling author, Luvvie Ajayi, as a core client. We’ve developed three  super cool things in less than a year: Luvvnation, her closed digital community on Mighty Networks, The Do-Better Academy, her eSchool and her first LuvvList partnership program. S/o Tamara Lalande, Sili Recio and Macy Robeson for all the support, wisdom and good energy. We’ve got more awesomeness in the works, so stay tuned! 

Right before I struck out on my own, I was Senior Director Content & Social Innovation at the nation's leading online social justice not-for-profit, Color Of Change. Of the amazing campaigns i directed with a unforgettable team, these are closest to my heart: End Money Bail, Private Prisons Public Menace, Financial Literacy with I Am Ash Cash, and vibrant partnerships with Vice, MTV and AfroPunk. I am v proud of the energy and results of all the campaigns. In addition, we successfully increased a key social media platform by over 1000% by creating a multi-step accountability process, optimizing content and refining consumer mapping. Instagram much?

Before that, I developed content, video, social and communications strategies at SheMedia , Meredith Video Studios, The Better TV Show, MTV and KB Network News  leveraging strong storytelling, data and relationships to increase ROI and brand engagement, closing new business as a result.

A proud camel (talk about an adventure loving animal), I’m a graduate of Connecticut College, that school perched in the hills of idyllic New London with a tough crew and rugby team. I played both, so now you know who you’re working with, eh?  I was a psychology major and “was-gonna-be-a-doctor-until-Organic-chemistry-felled-me-like-a-tree-in-a-Kansas-twister.” The good thing? I got to be me, and the roads of language, community and story proves to the route I travel best. 

But most importantly, I’m a mom, a friend and an intrepid joy-wrangler.

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